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Decorative and Privacy Films

Latest new film for polycarbonate and plastic.

A new film has been developed which is suitable for polycarbonate and plastic, and which can be fitted externally or internally, this film is warranted not to bubble, blister or delaminate. The film is not a vinyl but made of the same quality film we use for normal installations

With a fantastic heat rejection of 82%, cuts glare by 80% and filters 99% UV radiation.

Ideal for conservatories, Atriums, sky lights etc

Convey privacy to your home or office, reception hall etc., with our range of decorative and privacy films ideal for bathroom windows.

Our range of SolScreen films allow glazed areas or glass panels to be transformed into opaque or translucent surfaces, in white, bronze, silver, black or frost appearance with white lines. These are just some of the reasons why you should be using SolScreen films.


All works guaranteed.

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