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SolScreen Professional Window Tinting for the Costa del Sol, Spain

We are Installers of window films and solar blinds.

With a range of Solar Control Films, U.V. Filter Films, Decorative Films and also Security Films.

With over 20 years experience installing window film you can be assured of a first class job.

Now You Can solve your Sun and/or Privacy Problems.

Films are applied to the interior surface of glass where possible to control the suns heat, eliminate glare and help solve fading problems caused by ultraviolet radiation. Decorative films add privacy to glass.

The coating allows you to see true, natural colours, and can be installed with little disruption to you and will provide energy savings, comfort and safety for many years to come.

During the hot summer, our Window Films can reduce heat gain through windows by as much as 80% and stop up to 99% of U.V. Rays.

We can now supply the latest technologically advanced window films. These window films have low reflectivity and allow maximum light levels through the glass.

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  All works guaranteed.


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