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It’s very common here in Spain to have unsafe glass fitted to your low level windows, for example - Patio Doors and Balcony Glazing, even with the newer builds.

We offer glass identifying surveys to identify whether your glass is of safety standard in case of accidental breakage

If your glass is not safe then, we can apply a safety film to your windows, this will upgrade the windows to the new EN 12600 safety (BS6206) standard at a fraction of the cost to replace the glass.

Our surveys start at 30 Euros, if we apply film to your glass to upgrade it to the above standard then the survey cost will be deducted from the fitting fee.

SolScreen safety film renders normal glass shatter-resistant, much like costly safety glass. In the event of an accident, the broken glass adheres to the film, greatly reducing flying shards of glass. with the broken glass adhering to the film, illegal entry may be restricted, thwarting burglary and smash and grab attacks.

Safe guard against Smash & Grab, Burglaries, Vandalism, Accidents at Home or in the Office, and with all this you will still be protected from harmful U.V. rays.

Contact us for your peace of mind for further information.

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